Update: Spark AR Masterclass → Spark AR Curriculum


Hello creators! I have exciting news. Over the past few months, I have been working with Meta to transfer the Spark AR Masterclass into their official Spark AR Curriculum library. The material will be unavailable for a short time as we finish the transition. Make sure to check the Spark AR Curriculum to see when the course becomes available over there!


Master Spark AR with 12 Chapters of Fun Projects

Design and build captivating Instagram filters through a sci-fi fantasy story - including feedback and support from Eddy Adams. Follow along as the story unfolds with tutorials that start with the basics and build up to sophisticated, immersive experiences. The skills you learn will unlock doors to exciting clients with bigger budgets.

Live the Story

You are a filter creator just starting your new career. One day, out of nowhere, a meteorite falls from the sky, shaking up the fabric of society. Will you have what it takes to take the call and save the world?

Build Unique Projects

Every chapter includes several projects to help tell the story. You will define your character, visualize the meteorite, assemble protective gear, explore diverse landscapes, meet eccentric characters, and so much more!

Master Spark AR

Nearly every corner of Spark AR will be explored. Tracking faces and hands, world effects, 3D objects, textures, materials, animation, lights, audio, particles, and of course, lasers.

Full Feature List

  • Master Spark AR with project-based lessons
  • Uncover a sci-fi fantasy story through weekly chapter releases
  • Download Eddy’s reference mood boards
  • Create custom 3D assets and textures from scratch
  • Discover meteorites, explore the arctic, evade zombies!
  • Build headwear, environments, characters, particles, and more
  • Listen to custom Spotify playlists per chapter
  • Receive feedback and support from Eddy Adams
  • Download completed project files and custom assets
  • Complete optional assignments (to save the world)
  • Expand your pipeline to include Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, Affinity Photo, Adobe Audition, World Creator, and Gaea (not required to complete the course)
  • Implement best practices and efficient habits
  • Develop effective business strategies to attract clients
  • Design an aesthetic Instagram feed
  • Understand portfolio website design
  • Get to know Eddy, an official Spark AR partner
  • Only $200 or free if you follow, share, tag (see details below)

Story Sneak Peek

A sprawling adventure awaits. Here is a taste of what's to come.



Introduction, getting around

Chapter 1: Humble Home

Simple mask, object manipulation, colors

Chapter 2: Crash from Above

3D objects, particles, testing

Chapter 3: Willing, but Not Able

Templates, asset library, optimizations

Chapter 4: The Zuck

Segmentation, deformation, 3D modeling, animation, audio

Chapter 5: Go, Search

3D modeling, textures, target tracking

Chapter 6: Piece by Piece

Particles, makeup, world effects

Chapter 7: The Attempt

Interactions, particles, render pass

Chapter 8: Zombies!

Plane tracker, lights, audio, SDF textures, swizzle

Chapter 9: Building the Key

Lasers, image sequences, 3D bodies

Chapter 10: Enter Stellar

Particles, hand tracking, audio analyzer

Chapter 11: Deep Inside

3D environment, baking physics

Chapter 12: Beauty

Face interactions, Instagram feed, website design


Software, prices, advice

Super cool, but who is this Eddy character you keep talking about?


See more at www.eddyadams.com

Interested, but still want to learn more?

First of all, thank you for scrolling down this far. I’m going to break things down in more detail so you can make the most educated decision possible.

Who are you?!

My name is Eddy Adams and I have been a 3D artist since I was walking. After a decade in advertising, I was thrust into the world of AR thanks to a production company called We Are Royale having faith in my abilities. Since then, I have grown to work with agencies, brands, and music artists all over the world.

While creating more complex filters, I started recording micro tutorials for the Spark AR community. They were received with so much enthusiasm that I decided to build a full masterclass based on my techniques, workflows, and strategies. Which brings us to why we’re here.

The Masterclass

This masterclass is my way of sharing my knowledge and personality in an organized, concise package. To make learning more interesting, the class is structured around a narrative sci-fi fantasy involving a meteorite, diverse locations to explore, characters to meet, and one big bad boss to confront. Having a central storyline adds context and purpose to the projects we’ll build together.

Each chapter contains a few projects that cover tons of topics and features of Spark AR. To further solidify the topics, optional assignments are available with each project. I will personally be offering support, feedback, and critique for anyone who decides to participate.

The projects will include face masks, animated 3D objects, LUT color filters, a meteorite display, face deformation, a flying companion, headwear, particle effects, detailed character design, world-scale environments, a head monster, arcane technology, zombies, a 3D city, lasers, and quite a bit more. In order to keep the story a surprise, I won’t divulge too many more details.


Over the course of the course, Spark AR will be the primary program used, but I will also dip into other programs for asset creation. It’s helpful to have some knowledge of these programs, but not necessary. Either way, I will provide all the assets you’ll need to build each project. The other programs include Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, Affinity Photo, Quixel Megascans, FontBase, Crushee, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Audition.

Business Strategies

Near the end of the course, you will also learn about my business strategies. How to use After Effects to format filter captures to look nice on an Instagram feed. How to approach building a modern portfolio website. How to keep organized with a consistent folder structure. These strategies will set you apart from the average filter creator.

By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of Spark AR, filter design, and how to make a killing!

So what do you say?